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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have standard sizes?

We have a standard size material, ensure that you use in a variety of sizes and different structural modeling of the booth, the length of our products is 6m, we can design according to the processing of your materials, without limitation to our standard sizes, therefore, we can custom you want special equipment exhibition effect.

2. Do you supply shelves, showcase?

We can supply shelves or showcase with illumination according to the client’s display requirement.

3. How far can I build and unsupport wall?

It will be relative with the wall’s distance, the number of graphic panels and the number of shelves. We recommend no more than 3m between support.

4.How high can I build a structure?

The height is dependent on footprint of the structure,so technically we can build much higher,but depending on the safety, we recommend synthetically considering the whole structure’s size and span, then choosing the reasonable height.

5.How weight can be loaded?

The load bear is dependent on the stand’s support and span,according to our load bear test, the 1000Kg.

6.Do you supply bag or case?

Yes,we have portable bag and shipping case with wheels available.

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